Message of the President

  Raphael Khlat As I set myself to write a word to launch our new website, the past 30 years spent building FJ as the MEP supplier of choice, comes flashing in my mind. We are proud of our Legacy. It transcends credibility, experience and a feeling of strength. But, is it enough in our brave new world?

In a time where change is constant, where dynamism is key and innovation challenging us daily to cope, we are daily reminded to realign our compass and sharpen our edge. The lower cost of renewable energies coupled with a new level of oil pricing imposed new economic realities. The large international companies, hungry for growth, armed with new technologies, are moving locally, competing in our traditional businesses. The demanding developer, imposing stricter specifications coupled with tough financial conditions, aiming to extract maximum values out of their investment. Those are some new dynamics, that no matter how immune you think you are, will put your company daily under test, imposing constant vigilance.

In this challenging environment, FJ is more than ever geared to face the demands of tomorrow. In fact, we have been always putting knowledge, initiative and partnership at the core of our beliefs. And it is exactly those beliefs that pushes us to invest constantly in our products, building our brands, adding local value to offer a clear differentiator in terms of reliability, competiveness and excellent service.

In FJ we have set our mind to lead as a preferred partner in the MEP industry. Strengthened by our presence in the UAE and inspired by its visionary leaders, we are keen to expand this partnership, successfully, to the rest of the middle east. This is our purpose. It is bold and clear. It takes roots in the strength of our many time-tested partnerships and the trust of our numerous customers. But it remains mostly driven by our unwavering belief in our exceptional teams. There is no success worth celebrating without acknowledging their efforts, their commitments and their partnership. Indeed, the future only looks brighter because of them.