Air Cool Chillers

A European leader in HVAC and HPAC with 40 years’ experience, is in business for a purpose: to provide energy efficient heating, air conditioning and data center cooling solutions that enhance everyone’s comfort, improve the profitability of a building and do not contribute to an increase in CO2 levels.

Products and Features

Climaveneta air cooled chillers

  • Chillers are Eurovent Certified upto 1500KW are available in both fixed speed screw compressor and variable speed screw compressor.
  • We are offering 2, 3 or 4 compressor/circuit upto 1818KW and the lowest capacity is 145KW.
  • The chillers are of ‘W’ shaped design which saves the footprint compared to the conventional ‘V’ shape design.
  • Climaveneta chillers offer three different efficiency versions for various models in standard configurations, at both full and partial load conditions.
  • At full load conditions, these chillers can operate at 46 deg C ambient with standard units and can operate upto 50 deg C ambient with add on features. At partial loads, it will operate at 57 deg C with selected models.
  • Climaveneta chillers use EC motors in their fans, which guarantee better performance and reduced sound level at low ambient temperature.
  • Four heat recovery options as standard for all hydronic systems.
  • Widest range of solutions, highest configurations, customized solutions, eco-friendly and lowest cost of ownership.