The Power of Total Integration 

Only Cleaver-Brooks can offer complete boiler systems, from fuel inlet to stack outlet that are completely designed, engineered, manufactured and integrated by one company. If you’re looking for the best-quality boiler systems with the lowest emissions and highest efficiencies, you’re looking for Cleaver-Brooks.

A Long-Standing Tradition 

The company was founded in 1929 by John C. Cleaver, manufacturing small, portable boilers. Cleaver and Raymond Brooks formed Cleaver-Brooks in 1931 and began producing the world’s first packaged boiler. Through a commitment to research and development and a sound acquisition strategy, today the company is the sole provider of integrated boiler room solutions and is a leading manufacturer of boiler room equipment across all commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

Product Development 

When you’re the industry leader, the only way to stay there is to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of what people think is possible. At our dedicated product development center, we continue to develop breakthrough emissions and efficiency technologies for tomorrow’s boilers and burners.

Cleaver Brooks the world’s leading manufacturer of packaged high pressure and low-pressure commercial and industrial boilers and boiler room systems, for applications ranging from process industries through hospitals and hotel sectors. Packaged boilers are approved by Underwriters Laboratory and are built to comply with Factory Mutual and ASME Boiler Code.

High efficiency low emission solutions for steam and hot water generation.

  • Boilers: Fire Tube , Water Tube, Condensing and Electric
  • Burners: Compatible for oil, gas and alternative fuels
  • Controls: Compatible for all types of communications protocols
  • Heat Recovery: For better efficiency and sustainability