Busbar Trunking

PowerBar Gulf, who are part of the E & I Engineering Group located in Ireland, designs and manufactures a range of busbar trunking products, electrical conductors that provide an alternative to the use of electrical cabling for the transmission of electric current within commercial and high-rise properties. Powerbar’s busbar trunking systems can manage the power supply in utility buildings and work particularly well in tower block constructions.

  • The development of E+I Engineering’s powerbar range complements the switchgear range to provide a complete power distribution solution. Clients can deal with us for all of their power distribution needs.
  • Powerbar products are built with patented processes that make it the most reliable form of busbar trunking in the market. The Powerbar range offers power distribution solutions from 160A up to 6600A with Ingress protection options available up to IP68.
  • The Powerbar range includes High Powerbar (HPB), Medium Powerbar (MPB), Cast Resin Powerbar (CRPB) and Intelligent Medium Powerbar (iMPB).
  • The Powerbar range is fully ASTA certified and manufactured in accordance with IEC, UL, DEWA and ADDC regulations.

Powerbar has multiple six bar conductor configuration to suit the project requirements:

  • TP & N
  • TP & N (200% Neutral)
  • TP & N complete with 100% Earth (Case)
  • Other configurations available on request
  • TP & N complete with 100% clean earth

High Powerbar (HPB) Features

High Powerbar is 1000V totally encased, non-ventilated and low impedance sandwich construction. It can be supplied with either epoxy resin coated copper or aluminium conductors. HPB offers a choice of Ingress Protection from IP55 to IP67 and is available from 800A up to 6600A.

Medium Powerbar (MPB)

High Powerbar is 690V totally encased, non-ventilated and low MPB is a non-ventilated, air insulated construction, available from 160A up to 800A and engineered with IP54 as standard. It is supplied with either epoxy resin coated copper or aluminium conductors. The extruded aluminium housing delivers a durable yet lightweight product. Additionally, the housing can be used as an integral earth to enhance the safety of the installation.

Intelligent Medium Powerbar (IMPB) 

IMPB is constructed from high density 99.99% conductivity copper. The conductors are insulated with a custom thermoplastic material with outstanding heat transfer characteristics making it ideal for data centre applications. E+I Engineering have completed iMPB installations in data centres across the globe where flexibility and security of electrical distribution is paramount.

IMPB has been engineered with the safety of the installer and user in mind. The aluminium housing is a light and durable structure that also acts as a ground path.

Tap off units are fitted to the busway using E+I Engineering’s unique earth first, break last safety feature. Each tap off unit is secured to the busway using a high tensile strength lockable hardware which cannot be fitted incorrectly. The contacts in the tap-off can only be engaged once the unit has been correctly fitted to the busway.

Cast Resin Powerbar (CRPB) 

The conductor is fully enclosed in a fire retardant, self extinguishing and homogenous polymer concrete. The cast resin housing is resistant to fire, water, mechanical loads, chemicals and extreme temperatures (-40°C to + 60°C).