Electric Actuators |

SCHIEBEL Antriebstechnik GmbH is the main producer of electric actuators of Austrian origin. For more than 55 years SCHIEBEL has been developing and producing electric actuators. Their product range goes from rotary actuators up to electric actuators with a spring return safety function (Failsafe actuators).

SCHIEBEL offers custom made solutions for all scopes of industry. Due to the increase in safety requirements for plant and processes in the last years SCHIEBEL has managed to offer with their Failsafes an outstanding and high quality product for all scopes of industry such as water and sewage, power plants, oil and gas, airports, tunnels, etc.

The working principle is based on a non-self-locking-actuator with a pre-tensioned disc-spring package connected without couplings. In the event of a power failure the actuators will move to a defined end position.

Principally the actuators are adapted to the customer requirements. SCHIEBEL’s range of products includes rotary actuators, 90° quarter-turn actuators, linear actuators, semi-rotary actuators and the SMARTCON control.