Plate Heat Exchangers |

Sondex A/S is a Danish company specialized in the development, production, and global marketing of plate heat exchangers.  Established in 1984, Sondex has sustained its position among the major players in the world of heat exchangers. Sondex plate heat exchangers designed for HVAC, marine, offshore, power & water, and other sanitary applications are certified with the highest quality and performance standards as per AHRI, ASME, PED and ISO 9001 certification,.

By means of technological innovation SONDEX has developed and designed a new generation of plate heat exchangers. The production takes place in the state of the art factory with a specially developed hydraulic press ranging up to 14,000 tons which allows to press plates of even very big plate heat exchangers. Vacuum furnaces have been installed for the production of brazed plate heat exchangers, laser welding and cutting machines.

The Sondex plate heat exchanger design is based on long-term experience. The design secures high yield of the plate heat exchangers making them suitable for various working conditions.

Sondex have subsidiary companies in the USA, Australia, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany and have established a strong network of agents and suppliers all over the world.

Through association with FJTCO, Sondex heat exchangers have been supplied on a large number of projects in the UAE and Qatar, covering mainly the chilled water business in general and the district cooling sector in particular.

Sondex also has a new factory in Marsvej in Kolding , Denmark with fully automatic plate production.