Production Planning and Control

Flowtech production facility consists of nearly 6000 square meter of dedicated manufacturing space and has more than 200 qualified employees, has been at the forefront of manufacturing air distribution specialties for over 17 years. Our layout of separate production lines for air terminal and air control devices equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machineries are based on creating an effective and efficient work flow and high standard production.

Our in-house powder coating plant has the flexibility to offer our customers standard or special coating as per the project needs.

Control of Production and Service Provision We plan and carry out production activities under controlled conditions. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Suitable equipment, tools, machineries, hardware and software.
  • Appropriate instruments and equipment for measuring and monitoring.

Validation of Processes 

  • Validation of process is based on all operations and    activities relating to after sales service, warranty,    commissioning, service reports and customer feedback.

Identification and Traceability 

  •  Product traceability is ensured through ERP coding    systems, QMS alpha numeric codes, product / item codes,    job cards, sign boards, bin tags, sticker or by any    appropriate means.

 Preservation of Product 

  • Each product is identified, handled, packed, stored and    protected as per the customer requirements.

Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices 

  • Periodic inspection, calibration and maintenance    of testing and measuring devices.