Domestic Water Heating Solutions

For more than 60 years, Lacaze Energies is a specialist in the field of hot water production for domestic and heating applications and benefits from the combined experience of an industrial group.

  • It offers solutions for energy optimization in the service and manufacturing sectors. Its expertise is acquired over the last 60 years in designing and building systems for producing domestic hot water (DHW), Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW), as well as in Chilled Water storage for the service and manufacturing sectors.
  • Developed as complete systems, each of the products integrates the best combination of components and materials to ensure 100% satisfaction in terms of performance, cost- effectiveness and reliability. Innovation is at the heart of the business.

LACAZE ENERGIES continues to develop and offer the most efficient materials in line with market demands, new thermal regulations (such as the RT2012) and environmental issues (Optimization of the production and consumption of hot water, technological developments linked to renewable energies, etc.) thereby together we offer best support to our stakeholders.

A special high performance epoxy resin (RC Coating) has been developed by Lacaze Energies, in collaboration with a leading European specialist in the field and is the only inner lining for industrial tanks in France to benefits from an A.C.S. (Health Conformity Attestation). It is a WRAS approved material (BS6920)